About Amecylia

Welcome to the Amecylia Multimedia Project.


And what is the ‘Amecylia’ Multimedia Project, you may ask? Simple answers to this question abound, but they are all of them wrong. Nonetheless, as a basic starters guide – amecylia.com functions as a Cybernetic Experiment in Hyperdimensional Communications-Systems. And what is a Hyperdimensional Communication System? Please, do not fret or act impatient! As the ‘what’ of Amecylia, shall be revealed to you, through ongoing interactions!

How, then to begin? It is easy! Just feel free to navigate the portals which have been dispersed throughout this site, at will and leisure; interacting at first, with the links and buttons on this page, and then those laden throughout the system. More complicated forms of interaction will become available the more the website as a whole discloses itself to you with time. (Amecylia is like a living organism).

Oh, and be to leave a message letting us know how you experienced your visit here in the exploratorium! We sincerely appreciate all feedback – as this helps the organism grow down specific channels shaped by the well-being of others like you!

“Never lose an opportunity of seeing anything beautiful, for beauty is God’s handwriting.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

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Thank you for tuning in.